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Kirwin Park 3D from 150 feet from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

Volume Calculation Output calculated volumes on a perfect representation of your stockpiles, with fully-adjustable base height which leads to precise measurements.  
Contour Lines Generate a simplified representation of topography with closed contours displaying the elevation.  
Digital Surface & Terrain Model Digital models that give you the elevation value of each pixel, with or without above-ground objects, ready for your preferred GIS workflow.  
3D Point Cloud More dense than laser-scanned points, the 3D point cloud derived from overlapped images gives you the precise location of the reconstructed object space.  
Orthomosaic A high resolution map with each pixel of the original images correctly projected onto the digital surface model, leaving you no perspective distortions but only accurate geolocation.  
Precise measuring when the time factor is working against you.
Thermography A radiometrically-accurate map with a temperature value of each pixel
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3d virtual rendering from an elevation of 150 feet.  

Drone Application for Field Volumetrics from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

3D mapping is an invaluable tool in many industries. Below are just some of the services we can provide. See if any are suitable for you. Contact one of our specialists at The Flying Cameras if you have any inquiries.
What an engineer in the field has to say about this technology: Using 3D drone mapping has reduced a hazardous 2 week project of a 3 quarry site to a simple 2 day drone shoot with no safety limitations.  Cutting manpower resources is a great cost reduction, and using drone technology is a lot more precise in measurements as many more reference points are used. Watch the two minute video at left.